About Us

In-depth expertise in local markets

Our focus has been strictly on serving the Asia-Pacific wine markets from the very beginning and we have always had a physical presence there.

We know wine & wine producers

Our broad network of wine producers is at the service of our customers. We negotiate the best price through our trusted relationships with wineries the world over.

We focus on serving the
Asia-Pacific wine markets.

Three decades of success

Founded nearly 3 decades ago, Wines Overland has grown into a multicultural team that is single-mindedly focused on differentiating our clients from the competition with products and services that ensure SUCCESS.

Completely independent

We are completely independent which means we start our process by focusing on the needs of our clients. We are not tied to particular producers or brands. We custom-build an offer adapted to specific needs: the right product at the right price.

Meet the Founders

Wines Overland is rooted in a love of Asia and a passion for wine.

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