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Private Brand Pioneer

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Wines Overland was the first in the wine industry to create private label brands in the Asia-Pacific wine market, partnering with leading retailers to develop their own-brand French wines.

Taiwan's best-selling French wine cooler

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Introduced a French wine cooler to the market which became one of the best-selling wines in Taiwan with sales of nearly 3 million bottles per year.

Nationwide Distribution of a French brand in China

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In 1996, we launched what became China’s first major French brand to be distributed nationwide. 

Domaine Lafage

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We introduced Domaine Lafage, a Rousillon brand which was little known in Asia. This became our best selling estate wine with significant volumes and ...

French Pinot Noir in New Zealand

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Wines Overland introduced a southern French Pinot Noir to NZ supermarkets which became the No. 1 French wine in NZ.